What is Wellness Coaching. . . and is it for me?

  • Relationship with Your Personal Coach

Wellness coaching is a powerful relationship between a client and a wellness coach. Together you and I will explore your greatest health concerns and goals and examine the obstacles to achieving those goals. Most importantly, as your wellness coach, I will work with you to create your unique lifestyle plan that targets the strategies to overcome your obstacles. Your personalized lifestyle plan will give you the quality results you desire, including increased energy for you to thrive both personally and professionally.

  • Empowerment to
    Take Action

Most people know exactly what they need to do to develop healthy lifestyle habits. We hear it every day: lose weight, reduce your stress, eat healthy foods, spend more time with family and friends, follow through with health professional’s recommendations. Knowing what to do is not the problem. Actually taking action and doing it, and maintaining your efforts, is an ongoing struggle for a lot of us. It is my job, as your coach, to ask the tough questions that will have you exploring your deepest motivations for change, finally connecting your heart and head.

  • Coaching From Anywhere

Most wellness coaching relationships can take place on the telephone, allowing me to work with clients anywhere in the country. Working by phone saves you travel time and helps to streamline your activities in your usual environment – from the comfort of your home or office. For those who live near EllenG Coaching headquarters, I offer face-to-face coaching in the privacy of my studio.

First Step – Creating Your Vision

The first step in the lifestyle change process is to create your wellness vision. As your personal coach, I will guide you in answering the following questions:

  • If I were at my optimum level of health and wellness, what would that look like and feel like?
  • Why does this truly matter to me?
  • Why now?
  • What actions will I need to take to achieve this vision?
  • What will motivate me to keep taking action and sustain my vision?
  • How confident am I that I will achieve this vision?
  • How committed am I to achieving my vision?
  • What obstacles will I need to overcome to stay in action?
  • What strategies will I use to overcome my obstacles?
  • In what ways will my life and relationships be enhanced by achieving my vision?
  • What single step am I committed to taking today to begin walking towards my vision?

Weekly Updates & Strategies

In our weekly coaching conversations, we will celebrate the successes of the past week, review any difficulties you encountered, strategize around roadblocks, and set action goals for the upcoming week. Part of the activities we outline for you may include a balanced wellness program of exercise, nutrition, and health management based in health science.

Building Your Confidence

By identifying what works for you as a unique individual striving for a healthy lifestyle balance, you will start to achieve and taste success at each step in our process. I will help you tap into your personal strengths, build your confidence, and utilize the creative resourcefulness you already possess. As your wellness coach, I will help you experience improved self-esteem and enhanced life satisfaction. You will find your sense of well-being, calmness, and happiness through:

  • Using positive self-talk
  • Prioritizing and tackling life-balancing issues
  • Living your life in line with your core values

Behavioral scientists have shown that coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people change ingrained poor habits and maintain better habits over time.  Are you ready to experience the power and strength within you?

I have a variety of coaching plans available for you to choose the plan that fits you!

Wellness Coaching vs. Therapy

It is important to understand that wellness coaching is not therapy. Program recommendations are not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals.

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