Weight Loss Coaching

If permanent weight loss is constantly on your mind and it’s the one thing you want desperately, we need to talk.

Chances are if you are reading this page, you have been on a diet before.  And it’s failed- miserably.  Either you lost weight, only to put it back on, or the plan wasn’t to your liking, leaving you feeling hungry and dissatisfied. Or perhaps the diet and exercise program was just too time-consuming, and you couldn’t fit it into your life and career.  The truth is, diets don’t work; not for the long haul.  But that doesn’t mean you are destined to live in a body that is uncomfortable or unhealthy.

Weight loss is not about changing your diet,
it’s about changing your mind!

Constantly thinking about losing the excess pounds probably has you angry, frustrated, and depressed. This ongoing battle is weighing you down, not just physically, but emotionally as well. To thrive both personally and professionally, you need an abundance of energy. Don’t let worrying about weight loss drain and distract you from succeeding and enjoying your life. If you’re desperate to lose the extra weight, but the thought of another exercise or diet program exhausts you, allow me to energize you with a new approach that will inspire and excite you.

As a successful career professional or entrepreneur, it’s essential that your weight-loss plan fits into your busy life.

If you find yourself thinking you just don’t have the time to devote to a diet and exercise plan, let me show you how weight loss can fit into your lifestyle, no matter how busy your days are.  You’ve got meetings, clients, travel, business lunches and dinners.  No time for counting calories, hours at the gym, or weight loss meetings.

An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Without Going on a Diet
Learn how mindset, motivation, environment, support systems and even sleep impact your weight loss journey. It will increase your awareness around how things you never contem­plated work for or against your success. However, every-day, numerous times each day, you still need to make choices regarding what to consume.

You CAN lose weight without going on a diet!

I am not suggesting that you don’t have to change some habits in order to lose the extra pounds.  However, you don’t have to walk around feeling hungry, deprived and defeated.  You don’t have to avoid socializing with your friends or going out to dinner with clients.  Through coaching, we will identify the habits that are working against you and create new healthy habits that can fit into your daily life.  Let me help and guide you to create the lifestyle plan that makes perfect sense for YOU!  For your body, for your career, and for your life!

This is not a quick fix, but an energizing, fun and exciting journey that will lead to permanent weight loss!

Weight loss coaching will help you connect with your deepest motivation for change, identify the obstacles that have stood in your way in the past as well as those that might hinder your efforts in the future.  Together we develop the strategies to knock those roadblocks out of the way. Throughout, we will always work within the parameters of your unique life.  As your healthy lifestyle and weight loss coach, I will give you the support, accountability and encouragement that you need.   From having over 30 years of experience in the weight loss industry, I have seen that losing the weight for good takes time.  It’s not about taking off the pounds; it’s about keeping them off.  We will work together until your goals become habits, your habits become your lifestyle, and your lifestyle is one that supports you living in a healthy, happy and vibrant body.

If you are serious about losing the weight once and for all, and willing to approach doing so with the same enthusiasm and excitement you devote to your profession and life,

let’s talk!