Tips to Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Spring Clean Your Health
Despite a bizarre, unseasonable snow storm in October, the East Coast had one of the mildest winters ever recorded. Even though we really can’t complain, we are still anxiously awaiting spring. There is something about April arriving that has most of us yearning to get outdoors, plant flowers or just take a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Cleaning out our closets and homes is another tradition for most in April. I also think it’s a great time to spring-clean our businesses and our health routine.

So hopefully the day you read this the sun is shining and the temperature’s warm. But even if not, it will be here soon. So pull out your calendar and schedule some time to implement some of the tips to Spring Clean Your Health Routine!

  1. Shake up your exercise routine. To continue to increase fitness capacity, you must periodically change up your routine. Try a new class at the gym or an outdoor boot camp. Swap the treadmill or stationary bike for walking or cycling outside.
  2. Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Locally grown and in-season produce is usually the best tasting, has the most nutritional punch, and is easier on the budget.
  3. Schedule your doctor appointments and screenings. A yearly physical, teeth cleaning, eye exam, mammography, Pap smear, skin cancer screening and colonoscopy are some of the many routine visits needed to stay healthy. If you’re due for any of them, schedule an hour to call and get appointments on your calendar.
  4. Take to the outdoors each day. Behavioral scientists know that individuals who get 20 minutes or more of daylight have an increase in mood and report feeling more energized and alert. Create a routine that will get you out the door every day.
  5. Clear the clutter. Clutter and disarray in your home and office along with the thought of unfinished tasks drains our energy, causes anxiety, and depletes our sense of well-being. Set aside specific time to clean and organize your desk, files, closets, or anything else that feels chaotic and disorganized.


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