I passed! Thank you so much for your time and insights. Working with you not only helped me to pass the exam, it also improved my skills and ability to coach my clients. My listening skills have improved which has lead to more accurate reflections and more focused open ended questions. Sometimes I feel like I've opened Pandora's box - but it's all good.

Jennifer Stover PT, MS

Wellcoaches Qualified Wellness Coach

Just a quick note before I rush off to work to let you know that things are going well. I've been feeling very healthy lately and have been making great food choices that reinforce my goals. I feel like I'm able to maintain this weight and activity level without a lot of effort. I think the changes that I've made in my diet, (eating more frequent, high protein snacks) has been key, and it's been a direct result from working with you.

A. Robert, CA

Ellen Goldman of EllenG Coaching is a fantastic speaker - she engaged Association of Women in Computing NNJ Chapter workshop participants from the beginning to the end. The topic "Taming the Frenzy" so appropriately describes the work environment for many in IT, and Ellen covers everything from results of scientific studies to weaving in individual stories to support her conclusions and recommendations about the impacts of daily work demands on our brain and productivity. Ellen has a very calming and engaging presence. As a facilitator, she is able to draw on her personal experience and resonate directly to our individual on-the-job experiences. She understands the impact of current job demands and what it is like to work in today's office environments, and what it feels like when you are juggling lots of issues. For every difficulty, she can provide answers -our group found that her suggestions drawing on your natural brain capabilities can help make life at work a lot less stressful . What I remember most is a lively discussion on the prevalent thinking that multi-tasking results in higher productivity. And group stories of what happens at work to pull us away from important tasks, scattering focus and making jobs more difficult to tackle. The workshop really helped me understand in a clear way how current demands on availability via phone, email, IM, and meetings increase our stress and play a role in the productivity issues we all face. Expectations of us to be available to answer communications in a variety of different platforms make it more important than ever to have a strategy to gain control over the ever-increasing amount of work that needs to be completed on a daily basis. And Ellen not only provides concrete recommendations on how to work with your brain instead of against it - she is able to weave in stories from our group members to help support some of her conclusions about best practices. A thoroughly engaging workshop facilitator, our AWC NNJ group would love to have Ellen come again for a follow-up!

Monica Heller

AWC NNJ Program Co-Chair 2014-15

Man stretching

I've been in the health and fitness for 20 years and I've seen many fads come and go. When I hired Ellen to investigate coaching I was a bit skeptical. As it turned out it was one of the best professional/personal decisions that I've made. Ellen is brilliant. My hour coaching with her always left me energized, focused and most important, got a lot of useless gunk out of my head. Basically it helped me get out of my own way. We all have that little “voice” in our heads that tries to lead us to a path where our heart and desires lay. We ignore it or push it aside. Ellen places a megaphone to that little voice and it brings you lot's of wonderful “ah ha” moments. Her follow-up on our sessions and her attention to detail kept me on track. Regardless of one's profession if you feel you're stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels or want to step up your game. I'd tell you what I tell my clients “call Ellen.”

Paul F. - Master Trainer CC/ Fitness Author

New York, NY

Staff expressed interest in wellness coaching but when we added it to our employee benefits package earlier this year, no one took advantage of the service. Though most agreed that wellness coaching sounded great and could be a perfect complement to other benefits they receive, it was obvious that confusion about coaching existed. Then Ellen visited. Her insightful Lunch & Learn presentation was a major success and within days, several of our staff signed up for coaching. More are planning on doing so in the very near future.

Thank you, Ellen, for energizing our team and helping them realize the value of the wonderful new benefit, Employee Assistance Coaching. We look forward to our staff achieving peak emotional and physical energy and health through their partnership with you!

Sandra P. - First VP Head of Administration

New York, NY

A workable plan setting up realistic goals

Ellen is a terrific Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coach. She is a great listener. She knows how to ask the tough questions; the ones that make you dig deep for answers. She works with you without judgment or censure. She helps you make a workable plan setting up realistic goals and is with you every step of the way. Her patience and quiet way keeps you on track. When you reach a goal, no matter how small, she is just as excited as you are. When you work with Ellen, you will meet your goals, strengthen your life and develop a friendship you would not have believed possible.

Donna K. - Warren, NJ

For anyone with a serious weight problem I suggest working with Coach Ellen Goldman. I have been under her guidance for over one year, and our weekly telephone sessions have resulted in significant changes. Her concept of patience, kindness, and discipline; coupled with her strong education background (including numerous certifications) and tremendous ability to transfer her skills to clients, has been a wonderful experience. Not many coaches can work with obese people over a long period of time. Ellen Goldman has the remarkable vision to offer long range support, and I have always found her methods positive and energizing, with attainable goals.

Ellen Z. - New York, NY

A lot of great things are going on in my life, many directly stemmed out of my coaching with Ellen. I appreciated so much her willingness to support me as things changed for me. With her help I learned to prioritize my time and achieve balance between my health, home, and career goals. The ongoing communication since our coaching program ended, and knowing her door is always open to me, fuels my confidence to sustain the changes I achieved, and continues to move me forward.

Dana M. - Chicago

Work towards a healthy image

Ellen is just great! With her encouragement and coaching, I have lost 15 pounds in two months. Food is no longer a number one priority, my cravings are going away, and making healthy choices gets easier every day. I am starting to love the body I am in, am comfortable with who I am, and am setting the foundation for the life changes I wanted to accomplish when I first contacted Ellen. She brings a true sense of caring to every session. Whether it is weight loss, emotional support or friendship, Ellen delivers the whole package.

Louie L. - California

Coaching with Ellen is making a big difference in my life. Setting aside the time to focus on my priorities and goals is keeping me constantly focused. The tools I am learning are helping me make great strides towards accomplishing my health and wellness goals, and in my career and home as well.

Randee R. - New Jersey

Working together towards your goal

We had the privilege of having Ellen Goldman speak at our May 2010 B.I.G. meeting to a room of women entrepreneurs. Our members are from diverse backgrounds and all sought relevant and tangible information they could utilize to bring their business ideas forward.

Ellen’s presentation on “How to be a Better Listener” was both appealing and informative to our members. Her presentation style was energetic and engaging to the audience. Throughout her presentation, the audience believed that Ellen understood their challenges and could empathize with their frustrations. She effectively demonstrated simple and useful tools they could implement to make positive changes in both their professional and personal relationships. Her interactive exercises not only brought Ellen's ideas to life, but also helped to engage our members to work closely with each other and served to further our core mission to “encourage women to empower each other toward positive change.”

After all B.I.G. presentations, we ask our members to complete a 7-question computer survey rating our speakers’ presentation. The survey results provided by our members unanimously rated Ellen as one of our top presenters. We would highly recommend Ellen as a motivational speaker and look forward to working with her in the future.

Tara Gilvar, CEO and Founder Believe, Inspire, Grow (B.I.G.)


Relieve stress

I signed up for Ellen’s workshop, not knowing what kind of results to expect, but hoping that I would discover a weight loss method that was more permanent than Weight Watchers. I had been down the WW path 3 times --- what does that tell you? It doesn't work! I was sure that one methodology could not possibly work for every woman, but I didn’t have a magic wand to discover what would work for me, so Ellen’s group workshop seemed a good choice.

I came into the workshop not expecting miracles but also being open-minded. Her way of teaching you how to modify your lifestyle toward healthier alternatives was truly different. She didn’t just give you the facts and numbers about food and exercise, she asked some very interesting and deep questions about us. Wow - now this was different - I actually had to take the time to think about what was going on in my life, in my head, in my heart. This was obviously a much more holistic and complete approach to health - the weekly weigh-in ritual was thrown out the window!

With Ellen’s positive, calm, and encouraging personality and patience, the group went through the process together, often helping each other through sharing our trials and tribulations and offering each other ideas and suggestions. It was a much more personal and meaningful experience than the room full of WW participants. No one felt put on the spot or embarrassed, we all felt comfortable.

At first, I saw no movement on that scale, but Ellen was behind me all the way in true coach fashion, and she never allowed me to get my spirits down. Then the change happened - and kept on going. The weight is coming off slowly, but it’s coming off. People are noticing! But beyond the vanity, is a new set of habits that keeps leading me down the correct path. And even though the clothes are loose and the compliments are coming, I was overjoyed to have the biggest thrill yet - a check on my blood pressure revealed that the numbers had come down and now, for the first time, I was able to have a conversation with my doctor regarding a goal to drastically reduce if not eliminate the need for BP medication. Wow! That was more than I had hoped for!

Could I have gotten this from reading a book? I believe not. Several times I had extra questions for Ellen or wanted to run something by her, outside of the workshop. She was always accessible, positive, motivating, and anxious to help however she could. I would heartily recommend her services to anyone who is not satisfied with their health status today. She is a truly caring person who wants to see everyone lead a long, healthy and happy life. I cannot thank her enough!

Susana Fonticoba, East Hanover, NJ

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