Is Your Stress Related to Time Management?

We all experience stress. It’s part of living an active, full life. However, if we can figure out what’s causing our stress, there are often things we can do to reduce the amount and intensity we feel. Take the following quiz to determine if much of your stress is related to poor time management.

Quiz: Is your stress related to poor time management?

Put a checkmark next to all the statements that seem to describe you.

  1. I feel that I do not have enough time for my family, my friends, or myself.
  2. I feel that I waste too much time.
  3. I find myself constantly rushing.
  4. I find that I do not have enough time to do the things I really enjoy.
  5. I find that I frequently miss deadlines or am late for appointments.
  6. I spend almost no time planning my day.
  7. I almost never work with some kind of prioritized “To-Do” list.
  8. I rarely delegate tasks and responsibilities.
  9. I find that I procrastinate too often.

Scoring: Checking off only one or two items on the list suggests your time-management skills require only a tune-up. Checking off more than four of them suggests that your time-management skills may be in need of a major overhaul.
Adapted for use from Stress Management for Dummies, Allen Elkin, Ph.D.

If you have determined that poor time management is adding to your daily stress and want to do something about it, let EllenG Coaching help! Daily stress will erode your sense of well-being and decrease your enjoyment in life. It doesn’t need to be this way! As your wellness coach, I will help you create a vision of the way you want your days to be and empower you to develop a plan to get there. Setting aside the time to actively work on eliminating some of the causes of your stress and manage the stress you can’t eliminate is the only way to finally achieve the calmness you’re yearning for.

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