Life Lessons From Losers

Have you ever struggled to reach a goal, or complete a long-term project? Have you ever wondered why others make it look so easy and you just can’t seem to get it done? I certainly have.  I’ve been working hard to put together my first weight loss home study program; 12 weeks worth of pre-recorded…
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Everyday is a new beginning!

Twenty eight years ago, on another mild, sunny Monday morning, much like today, I went walking on the streets of NYC…in labor! Having woken to contractions in the early hours of the day, and already having visited my physician, he wisely told me, “Ellen, if I send you to the hospital now, this will be…
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Love and Loss…Weight Loss

The other day, while working with my monthly weight loss support group, a question was asked that I’ve heard many times before. Is it OK to talk to a loved one about their need to lose weight? This very delicate topic has come up with many of my clients. Having lost weight, and now experiencing…
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