Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss FAQs and Testimonials

I’ve tried a million different diets and still haven’t been successful. Why will this one work for me?

This program is not a “diet,” it is a lifestyle transformation. Rather than “going on a diet,” you will be learning how to tweak your daily habits to create a lifestyle that supports weight loss and has you maintaining a healthy body weight for life.

I am super busy. I am worried that I won’t have time to follow the program.

I am not going to tell you that there is no work involved. Success requires you to focus some time and attention, as it does with any endeavor that is meaningful and important to you. The course is designed for you to work on one module a week, but it is self-paced. So no worries if you need to go a bit slower. As long as you keep plugging away, applying and practicing your new habits and knowledge each week, you will be successful! The goal is for you to learn how to fit healthy eating and living into your unique lifestyle, no matter how crazy busy it is. 

Will you be giving me a specific food plan to follow, with a list of permissible foods and those I should avoid?

No, if that is what you are looking for, choose another diet plan. (But then, how’s that worked for you in the past?) Certainly, I will guide you towards foods that support weight loss, keep you satisfied, maintain your energy and well-being. And steer you away from less nutritious choices that spike your hunger and cravings. But I bet you already have a pretty good idea of what those are. What I will be giving you are the toolsneeded to create a sensible eating plan that works for YOU— your unique tastes, body, and life. 

How many pounds can I expect to lose over the course of the program?

I cannot, and will not promise you a certain number of pounds lost in a specific number of weeks. It just doesn’t work that way. I won’t be just another weight loss coach making false promises.

The rate of weight loss varies dramatically from one individual to the next dependent on many factors— your health and metabolic profile, current dietary and exercise habits, and how quickly you implement the program principles. But I will promise you that in 6 weeks if you follow the course and do the work, you will forever change your mind about weight loss. You will take off some pounds and be on your way towards permanent weight loss! You will not feel deprived, hungry, frustrated, or defeated.

What happens after the program ends if I still feel I need more support and assistance?

There are lots of options for continued help. First, the private FaceBook group will be available for six months. Your classmates and I will be there to answer questions, support your efforts and cheer you on. Mastering the Game of Inner Weight Loss will be evergreen— meaning once you participate in the program the module recordings, worksheets, and handouts will always be available for you to watch again and review. And of course, if you want some personal coaching, there are lots of packages to choose from in the future; always offered at a discount rate for my students who have participated in past programs.

What people are saying about 

Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss

“I signed up for Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss™ more out of curiosity than an actual belief that I could lose weight and keep it off. My confidence level was very low when I started. Months after the class is over, not only have I lost a significant amount of weight, but also I am enormously confident that I will keep it off. The class shifted my way of thinking, which then shifted my behaviors, which little by little led to results. The class gave me tools and skills I hadn’t found before. I now have the ability and the motivation to make better choices. The most valuable tool for me was learning to set SMART goals, but the greatest surprise is my allegiance to those goals. Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss™ was an investment well worth my time and money.”

Richard, Livingston, NJ

“This class teaches you an entirely different approach to losing weight and maintaining your health; that it’s not just about what you eat, but knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how to use this knowledge to help you succeed. I loved the class and the realistic approach to taking control of my life. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!!”

Brenda, Hurst, TX

“I had been attempting to lose weight and exercise consistently for years. Taking part in Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss™ was pivotal. It not only showed me how to take off the pounds and keep them off, but also dramatically increased my confidence in my ability to do so! The structure of the class, support and camaraderie of the group, and the accountability of sharing our experiences week after week as we worked on our individual goals, was incredibly helpful. I know that the tools and skills I have learned, along with the personally compelling wellness vision I created, will keep me moving towards my goals and maintaining my new healthy habits. This class was life changing!”

Randee, West Orange, NJ

“I followed my RoadMAP and have incorporated the methods and tips into my daily life. I am down 25 pounds from last year this time.”

Elizabeth P

”I really enjoyed and benefited from Ellen’s online course. Ellen has a very comprehensive, pragmatic, and proven background for helping people to successfully achieve their health goals. 
There were more ideas in the course than I could possibly adopt, but the things I did use have put me on a path that will likely be permanent and effective. Two specific things that have helped me is the concept of a first step actually creating motivation and a first domino effect where one good behavior triggers several subsequent improvements.

Her course has helped me on my current path where I am at my lowest weight in more than 4 years (more than 15 years of yo-yo cycles). Many things from her course are contributing to this good direction and I can go back and listen/watch the courses at any time as a refresher.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone serious about making a permanent improvement in their health.”

Lonny Northrup, Salt Lake City, UT

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen’s course, Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss: Your Six-Week RoadMAP to a Leaner, Healthier, Happier You! I came away with a greater understanding of myself, and how my mind works. Seeing how everything is interconnected and how my behaviors in one area of my life can have positive ramifications to other areas in my life was enlightening, and has proved so helpful. I was most excited to find that the new skills I learned could apply to all the different areas in my life, not just weight loss. Having Ellen to communicate with through email while I was taking the course made me feel supported. She was incredibly responsive, and her input was always helpful. I would highly recommend this course not only to folks who are looking to lose weight but to anyone who is struggling to incorporate healthy habits into their daily life.”

Carolyn Kahn, New York

“Thank you Ellen! I found this to be one of the most valuable resources in my pursuit of a healthy life! I particularly benefited from each Module and the lessons offered. I have begun to apply many of the principles in my life and it is truly helping me. One tool that came as a surprise was the use of a better time management tool and the setting of goals in many areas of my life to gain better focus. This has increased my daily outlook on life and resulted in a new belief system that I can do things well and in balance.”

Paul Smith

“Partaking in the Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss online course helped me build a foundation of healthy habits that are supporting my weight loss goals. I am doing a better job at planning my days and making sure to include self-care on the list. I pre-plan in advance and put it in my calendar; activities such as strength training and water aerobics. Surprisingly, I found the information and skills taught helped me become more organized in all areas of my life. Along with meal planning, I am decluttering my home! I am now in the habit of thinking through in advance and making better decisions. Despite having some unexpected health challenges arise while I was going through the course, I was still able to keep to many of my new healthy habits, and I believe they supported my healing. I always knew what I needed to do to lose weight, stay well, and be active, but until I took this course, I never knew how to put it all together and actually get it done. If it had not been for this course, I would have kept rolling along doing the same things I have always done and got the same results—not very good ones. Now I am making progress, and each small positive change is having a trickle effect on all areas of my life. I would highly recommend Mastering the Inner Game because it gets you focused, keeps you motivated and supported, making changes one step at a time that lead to good health and living the wellness vision that is most meaningful for you. I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this course.”

Martha Northworthy, Murray, KY