Life Lessons From Losers

Have you ever struggled to reach a goal, or complete a long-term project?

Have you ever wondered why others make it look so easy and you just can’t seem to get it done?

I certainly have.  I’ve been working hard to put together my first weight loss home study program; 12 weeks worth of pre-recorded webinars and downloadable worksheets that you can watch and work through at your own pace when it’s most convenient for you.  It is taking way longer than I ever imagined it would.  When I began, I thought for sure it would be finished and available by the time spring arrived…

While as I was rereading my newly published article, “6 Things Successful Dieters Have in Common” I realized how much these characteristics apply to any important goal or achievement.

Perhaps these life lessons from losers can help us overcome challenges and accomplish our goals, no matter what they may be.

Actually, these “things” in common are more than just personality traits, behaviors and habits.  They are beliefs. Take a look at how successful individuals who have lost and kept off weight think.  (And if you want a deeper look at what they mean, read the SparkPeople article.)

  1. I believe that I can do it.
  2. I am proactive rather than reactive.
  3. I am disciplined.
  4. I share my goals and plans.
  5. I am resilient.
  6. I have self-compassion.

When I examine how these beliefs relate to my latest challenge, here’s what I discovered.

 I am falling short on the very first statement – I believe that I can do it!  You see, I know that I can write and create the program, but I am baffled and overwhelmed by the technical stuff which needs to get done to actually get it produced!

I got to thinking, how could I use this information to help me complete this job?  Can the inspiration I feel for my weight loss clients inspire me to move forward with my challenge?

Well, I usually am proactive rather than reactive.  I know that if I plan time blocks to work on the content every week, the materials will be finished very soon.  After all, the difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline!

Discipline is definitely a strength for me.  I plan to schedule time, stick to it, and tell myself I will figure out “production” once creation is done.

By writing this blog, I have now shared my goals and plans with you!

I am going to strengthen my resilience muscle.  This probably won’t go as smoothly as I hope, but regardless, I will keep plugging away until it’s done.  I’m sure I will make plenty of mistakes, but I will learn from those mistakes.  Then the next product will be that much easier to create!

And yes, right now I am giving myself a big dose of self-compassion.  It is OK that this is not finished yet.  I do believe I can do this because when it’s time for production, I will either figure it out, or hire someone to do that part for me.  I don’t need to worry about it now. I just need to keep my focus on the first steps.

If you decided to apply these six things, what goal or challenge are you working on that would get easier?


Comment below and I promise to respond.  Let’s support each other towards success.


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