Healthcare Professionals’ Mentorship

Do you sacrifice your own health and fitness goals to meet the demands of your clients?

As healthcare professionals, it is imperative that we walk our talk.  When we don’t, not only do we suffer physically and emotionally, but we end up feeling inauthentic.  Just because our career is in the health or fitness industry, doesn’t mean we don’t face the same struggles to balance our work and life as any other business professional.

And, if you then decide to take your career to the next level by either going into business for yourself, or adding coaching services to your offerings, your plate will become that much fuller.  I’ve done it, so I know!

If you have been thinking about starting or are currently running, your own personal training and/or wellness coaching business, or just feeling tired and burnt out in your current situation, don’t struggle alone. . .

Let Me Help You!

For the past decade, I have mentored numerous trainers and coaches who are either confused about the next step once obtaining their certification, or are feeling stuck or burnt out in their current career. I can help you gain clarity on what you want next in your life and business, create your meaningful vision, put your plan into action, and take the necessary steps to stay on target.

Rekindle the passion you have for your health profession, make time for your own well-being, and still earn a living!

For more information on mentorship or to create a personalized coaching program to meet your needs and budget:

I’ve been in the health and fitness for 20 years and I’ve seen many fads come and go. When I hired Ellen to investigate coaching I was a bit skeptical. As it turned out it was one of the best professional/personal decisions that I’ve made. Ellen is brilliant. My hour coaching with her always left me energized, focused and most important, got a lot of useless gunk out of my head. Basically it helped me get out of my own way. We all have that little “voice” in our heads that tries to lead us to a path where our heart and desires lay. We ignore it or push it aside. Ellen places a megaphone to that little voice and it brings you lot’s of wonderful “ah ha” moments. Her follow-up on our sessions and her attention to detail kept me on track. Regardless of one’s profession if you feel you’re stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels or want to step up your game. I’d tell you what I tell my clients “call Ellen.”

-Paul Frediani

I passed! Thank you so much for your time and insights. Working with you not only helped me to pass the exam, it also improved my skills and ability to coach my clients. My listening skills have improved which has lead to more accurate reflections and more focused open ended questions. Sometimes I feel like I’ve opened Pandora’s box – but it’s all good.

-Jennifer Stover PT, MS
Wellcoaches Qualified Wellness Coach