Health and Happiness

The Gift Behind the Pain

Have you ever been faced with an annoying situation that later turned out to be a gift? I’m referring to those little things in life that crop up, have to be dealt with, and just feel like a nuisance you must endure and get through. This morning, as I walked along all bundled up in…
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What’s There to Be Thankful For?

While sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving, lively conversations turned to the many tumultuous events of the past year. Starting off with a new president that has the country divided and uncertain of its future. Despite which side of the political campaign you are on, I am sure you have experienced overly heated debates…
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What to Do When Your Best Plans Fall Apart

Have you ever felt despite your best intentions and effort, you aren’t making progress or moving forward with your goals? That’s what this month has been like for me. I took a long, delightful break during the December holidays, and was ready to start the new year working on some lofty goals. But on the…
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