The Gift Behind the Pain

Have you ever been faced with an annoying situation that later turned out to be a gift? I’m referring to those little things in life that crop up, have to be dealt with, and just feel like a nuisance you must endure and get through. This morning, as I walked along all bundled up in…
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Exercise Motivation – Tips to Get You Moving

Why is it that only 20% of Americans exercise enough to make a significant impact on their health profile? No one would debate the proven benefits of consistent exercise; decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, reduced blood pressure, maintenance of healthy body weight and improved body image, decreased depression, increased self-esteem, and…
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Tips to Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Despite a bizarre, unseasonable snow storm in October, the East Coast had one of the mildest winters ever recorded. Even though we really can’t complain, we are still anxiously awaiting spring. There is something about April arriving that has most of us yearning to get outdoors, plant flowers or just take a walk and enjoy…
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